Antelope canyon.

January 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Antelope Canyon Lavender Swirl

Inside Antelope Canyon by Mathieu Thouvenin

Ray of light, tumbleweed and pouring sand inside Antelope Canyon. When it storms and flash floods through these chasms, that single storm can remove a foot or more of sand from the canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon by Lucas Löffler

These famous sunbeams in Upper Antelope Canyon happen most often in the summer months, when the colors of Navajo Sandstone are rich and deep. Light beams start to peek into the canyon March 15 and disappear October 7 each year.

“According to the Navajo Nation Park website, “To older Navajos, entering a place like Antelope Canyon was like entering a cathedral. They would probably pause before going in, to be in the right frame of mind and prepare for protection and respect. This would also allow them to leave with an uplifted feeling of what Mother Nature has to offer, and to be in harmony with something greater than themselves. It was, and is, a spiritual experience.”

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