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“The universe has been quite literally writing upon humans for many thousands of years, and our alphabets are among the traits that nature has carved in order to cross our minds. Wild lands have caught deeper trails in my life than I will ever be able to make in the forest.” – Joseph Meeker


* * *

“Spiritual and artistic creativity are not special powers provided so that humans can transcend the natural world, but features of human biological development useful for connecting humanity more deeply with the world.” – Joseph Meeker

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Conifers Catamount Mountain

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Conifer Annual Growth Rings

“The summer monsoon is central to the climate of southwestern North America. Monsoon variability, which is particularly dramatic over Arizona and New Mexico, has a heavy influence on both ecosystems and society. In the coming decades, the southwest will likely experience drier winters, but what about the fate of the summer monsoon? As modelers refine their projections, it is imperative that we understand how the monsoon varied in the past under natural, non-anthropogenic climate forcing. To study the recent paleoclimatic history of the monsoon, we’re once again turning to tree rings, focusing our analysis around the dark-colored latewood that forms during the monsoon period.”

* * *

Mixed-Conifer Forest

“On the Colorado Plateau mixed-conifer forests generally occur at elevations from about 8000 feet to 10,000 feet, where annual precipitation is from 25 to 30 inches annually. In contrast to the ponderosa pine forest growing at slightly lower elevations, the mixed-conifer forest is comparatively lush and much more diverse. Depending on location, Douglas-fir, white fir, limber pine (in the north), blue spruce, and less commonly southwestern white pine form mixed stands in this community, with ponderosa pine joining the mix on warmer slopes. Blue spruce is common in moist areas on many of the high plateaus of central and southern Utah, while limber pine is a major component of mixed-conifer forests on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona. Quaking aspen, along with Gambel oak, is prominent in these forests following disturbances.”

* * *

Coniferous forests on the Colorado plateau

* * *

“All of the elements of the comic way tend to spread to others, insinuating joy where it was previously absent. Conversation has a way of leaping among persons, as it does at parties and celebratory gatherings. Storytelling always begets storytelling. It is difficult to watch others at play without wanting to join them. This is not only a human phenomenon, for researchers have consistently noted that animals at play are often imitated by other animals. So wherever it is possible to initiate a playful activity, it will have a good chance of replicating itself through other parts of the system.” – Joseph Meeker


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