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“Home…..is more than a sense of  belonging. It’s all the various ways we fit into a landscape, meet its demands, give it a human significance.  In the end…..writers make a place for the self. The exterior landscapes become internal necessities.

When we say we’re home…..when what we say becomes a story…..Story, then, is one way of knowing you’re home.” – Judith Kitchen

* * *

Foggy pasture at sunset near La Honda Road. San Mateo County, California, USA


* * *

“Path, trail, road, street, avenue, route, turnpike: passages we carve too readily  in the earth, through mountains and rain forests; across oceans of grass and bodies of water; carve, grow dissatisfied with, then widen or abandon.  Byway, causeway, highway, freeway: gravity bound and indelible all – as whales’ roads and birds roads are not.

This much is true: we do not travel lightly, we humans, they say.  But our ways, like their ways, are the expressions of longing and approach-ment.  Movement is the desire of Otherness made explicit.  All ways are made from hope, but our ways, unfortunately, become the palimpsests of thoughtless human takings and irredeemable losses.” – Dawn Marano

* * *

Summit of Old La Honda Rd


* * *

“We do not know how birds migrate, but billions of them do, five billion in North America alone, by landmarks like mountain ranges, perhaps; by the stars and the sun; by the pull of magnetic crystals in their heads. Imagine a journey this way: river road, moon road, pole road.  The urge of subtle senses, mixing, synesthetic.

Memory can be synesthetic – a lullaby can be evergreen; mocha ice cream; the flavor of a sax riff.  And memory of journey can be synesthetic, as well.  Not electricity tripping synapses inside my skull, but as residual heat that is an idea of remembering, of waking.” – Dawn Marano

* * *

Old La Honda Road summit fog


* * *

“For me, what I’m learning is that home and desire are nearly synonymous…..The distance between self and other, between subject and object, between me and you, has been called a Potential Space.  We cannot fill this space, ever.  Yet, we spend our lives and talents pouring what we can into it.  We are forever trying to explain ourselves to ourselves, reaching over to ask, “Was it like this for you, too?”  And those moments when the space becomes smaller, those are the location of home.

A home is an act of desire, an act of reconciliation, a way to either illuminate those parts of living and thinking and feeling that are invisible because they are routine, and through this illumination find a way to celebrate the ordinary and make it transcendent, or to articulate and give voice to what often remains private, and through this confession to make a way for others who have wondered.  A home is a way to keep firm the details of our own lives and whatever meanings we can draw from them.” – W. Scott Olsen

* * *

Old La Honda Rd


* * *

“What do I mean when I say I’m home?  I mean a place where the distance between us is shorter, where the smallest details can offer the most joy or insight or even trouble.  A home is the archive, the safekeeping place of real histories…….stories.  We make new ones each day.  We hold on to the ones that make us smile and the ones that break our hearts.  We learn to love from them all.” – W. Scott Olsen

* * *

Old La Honda Rd descent


* * *

“I’m thinking too, about voyages: voyages of pollen and people; about wind-borne and seaborne voyages; about voyages of time.  I’m thinking of how time carries us onward, changes us, and changes the places we once called home.   I’m thinking how a memory of home, or Eden, can make us exiles forever, or how…..we might set aside our memories and our obsessions long enough to recognize and honor our present Edens.” – Dawn Marano


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