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“Time was never meant to last. It couldn’t. It has no shape. It threads through your fingers like water, no stopping it for any longer than you can cup your palm.” – Craig Childs

* * *

Blue Springs in the Little Colorado River Gorge

* * *

“We’re balanced on a platform of rock, geologic scaffolding, not a single living thing visible around us, no shrub or sprig of grass. The land looks elemental, the very bones of the Earth…..” – Craig Childs

Rain on the Golden Spike

* * *

“There are so many of us now that we threaten to devour the world with our touching, starting with the things we adore most. At the same time, we obviously yearn for contact, and I fear what would happen if we were cut off from a distinctive, on-the-ground relationship with the past.” – Craig Childs

* * *

Near Utah Highway 128

* * *

“What is down there is a voice, a lure, a landscape alive in its winding shapes, in the light hat falls inside and never gets out……With their distorted moonlit shapes, the land forms all around look like throngs of ghosts.” – Craig Childs, “Soul of Nowhere”.


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