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SIC DEUS DILEXIT MUNDUM. (“For those who love the world.”)


“There is a language beyond human language, an elemental language, one that rises from the land itself.” – Linda Hogan

* * *

Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park–utah-s-canyon-country

* * *

“However much we pride ourselves on those magnificent things human beings have done and made, the final criterion by which all human creations will be judged is the extent that they are consonant with the natural world, of which humans are a part.” – Paul Shepard

* * *

San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado

* * *

“Have you ever noticed how different you feel in the desert, in a forest, and on the open sea? How some cities and towns seem to welcome and call to you–and others to grate on you to the point of impelling you to move elsewhere? Not because of noise or smog or some other definable irritant, but because of something harder to pin down: the feel of the place, or its style, or its “mood” or “personality.” And the same with places that seeem to enliven and strengthen us.”

“We have always gravitated intuitively towards locations that symbolize what we seek, whether mountaintops for peak experiences and higher views, deserts for clear skies and contemplative austerity, valleys for settling and soul-searching, open plains for spacious thoughts, or estuaries, bays, and rivermouths for opening the mind to the rest of the world….”- Craig Chalquist



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