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“Simplicity in all things is the secret of the wilderness and one of its most valuable lessons. It is what we leave behind that is important. I think the matter of simplicity goes further than just food, equipment, and unnecessary gadgets; it goes into the matter of thoughts and objectives as well. When in the wilds, we must not carry our problems with us or the joy is lost.” – Sigurd F. Olson (Naturalist author of The Singing Wilderness)

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Ojito Wilderness

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New Mexico Wilderness Areas List:


New Mexico Wilderness Alliance:

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Classic Chihuahuan desert grassland scene was taken SE of Belen NM

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“On the mountains mistakes are fatal. In politics, mistakes are wounding emotionally, but you recover. Personally, wilderness helps me get back in touch with natural rhythms, helps me reflect and, in the process, restore my creativity.” – Mark Udall

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Kitchen Mesa at Ghost Ranch, near Abiquiu, New Mexico

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“But it was Aldo’s pen that became his most forceful tool. He started a newsletter for rangers called the Carson Pine Cone. Aldo used it to “scatter seeds of knowledge, encouragement, and enthusiasm.” Most of the Pine Cone’s articles, poems, jokes, editorials, and drawings were Aldo’s own. His readers soon realized that the forest animals were as important to him as the trees. His goal was to bring back the “flavor of the wilds.”  – Marybeth Lorbieki, “Things Natural, Wild and Free: The Life of Aldo Leopold”.

* * *

Lunar eclipse over White Mesa and Cabezon Peak NM!i=1626037969&k=X7tBXn6

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“These are islands in time — with nothing to date them on the calendar of mankind. In these areas it is as though a person were looking backward into the ages and forward untold years. Here are bits of eternity, which have a preciousness beyond all accounting.” – Harvey Broome

* * *

Apache Kid Wilderness

Apache Kid Wilderness is located not far from Hwy 25 about 3 hours South of Albuquerque.

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“Perhaps the Wilderness we fear is the pause between our own heartbeats, the silence that reminds us we live by grace.” – Terry Tempest Williams

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Rio Chama

The Rio Chama is born high on the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, but it matures as it slices into the colorful sedimentary layers of the Colorado Plateau in northwest New Mexico.

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“To me, a wilderness is where the flow of wildness is essentially uninterrupted by technology; without wilderness the world is a cage.” – David Brower

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Petroglyphs in Cebolla wilderness NM!i=2381506&k=dHTiq

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“The wilderness is a place of rest — not in the sense of being motionless, for the lure, after all, is to move, to round the next bend. The rest comes in the isolation from distractions, in the slowing of the daily centrifugal forces that keep us off balance.” – David Douglas, Scottish botanist, Wilderness Sojourn: Notes in the Desert Silence

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Cholla Cactus Manzano Wilderness Area NM

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“The wooing of the Earth thus implies much more than converting the wilderness into humanized environments. It means also preserving natural environments in which to experience mysteries transcending daily life and from which to recapture, in a Proustian kind of remembrance, the awareness of the cosmic forces that have shaped humankind.” – Rene Dubos, French-American microbiologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
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Bisti Badlands Wilderness Camping!i=804010980&k=BsLid

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“The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask.” –
Nancy Newhall – from “This is the American Earth.” quoted in John McPhee’s, Encounters with the Archdruid, 1971

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