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“Truly, Autumn is my season,” the scarlet beast chorted. “Spring and Summer and Winter all begin with such late letters! But Autumn and Fall, I have loved best, because they are best to love.”  – Catherynne M.Valente

* * *

Autumn photograph of Kebler Pass Road near Crested Butte, Colorado

* * *

“It is a sky that has shaped land and people not by what it gives but by what it does not have and therefore withhold:  water.  Lacking a haze of moisture, it is a giant, deep and expansive sky, a sky so thin and light that distant objects – the far horizon of blue mountains, a high-flying jet, or cranes passing overhead – seem nearer than they are.  It is a sky so weightless and pure that one is tempted to believe it places no burden on the heads and minds beneath it, a sky under which it seems possible than in other places.  It is a sky of double lightness, of both illumination and weightlessness.” – William deBuys

* * *

Carson NF

* *

“Everything about rivers has some kind of parallel in human life.  They are the richest source of metaphor in all of nature, and for obvious reasons.  They brim with life, as we do; they are as vocal as we are; their moods are endlessly variable, as ours are; and their ceaseless flow duplicates our sense of time.  Nothing we can observe in landscape is more riveting than a river in full flood, rampaging and muscular, sweeping all before it.  Yet a flood is episodic, and slow change is working all the time.” – William deBuys

* * *

Sneffels Range Autumn

* * *

“Slow change eludes measurement.  Fast change loudly declares itself at every turn, but slow change scarcely speaks…..I think about the fast change of my friend’s sudden death…..And I think about the slow change it set in motion, the sorting and rechanneling of lives he touched, mine included.” – William deBuys

* * *

Spruce and ponderosa pines Carson NF

*  *

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”  – William Cullen Bryant

* * *

La Veta Pass CO

* * *

“The goldenrod is yellow,
The corn is turning brown…
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down.”  – Helen Hunt Jackson

* * *

Wild Horses Carson NF

* * *

“River speech is a concantenation of murmurs and burbles, hisses and humming, snarls, chokes, whispered asides and violent coughs.  The murmur of mountain water is always many voices, blended like the roar of a crowd, and although even before you think about it you know that you can never tease those myriad elements apart, you keen your ears, leaning forward, wondering, Which of those voices speaks to me?” – William deBuys

* * *


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