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“For me, the overriding lesson is that no journey – no successful one, at least – is ever really taken alone….Out there beyond the limits of their own known world, searching for a mythic Passage, they found instead their need for one another, that they could succeed, indeed survive – only if they worked together.” – Dayton Duncan

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Book Cliffs in Palisade

Book Cliffs in Palisade

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“And even that would not have been enough. The remarkably diverse Corps of Discovery was not entirely on its own in some unpeopled wilderness.  The land they crossed was already someone else’s home – the Native Americans’  – and it does not detract one bit from the explorers’ unquestioned bravery and skill to admit that they simply wouldn’t have made it without their help.” – Dayton Duncan

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Book Cliffs Desolation Canyon

Book Cliffs Desolation Canyon

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“Night after night, around hundreds of campfires, as they pushed slowly but steadily toward an uncertain future, they all talked to one another.  Despite the variety of languages and a staggering array of cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds, somehow, through mutual respect for each other’s needs if not genuine friendship, they came to understandings that helped them move a little farther forward the next morning.  If that is not the essence of what we hold in our hearts as what the story of America is supposed to be, I don’t know what is.” – Dayton Duncan

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