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“What I want is for both of us to feel safe. What you and I have together shouldn’t be draining us like this. It should be the one rock-solid thing we both count on.” – Sylvia Day


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Mount Glenn AZ

Mount Glenn AZ

The Dragoon Mountains are located in southeast Arizona in Cochise County, about 75 miles east of Tucson. The Dragoons are notable for the remarkable natural rock formations featuring innumerable pillars, voids, mazes, cliff faces and shapes too varied to describe. These rock formations are tucked into a prominent side canyon on the east side of the range and are collectively known as the Cochise Stronghold. Higher up, the range has a smoother profile, with its summit, Mount Glenn, being a simple bump along an elongated ridge, with other seemingly gentle ridges leading up to it. The summit is rarely climbed for a number of reasons, since most people who come this way will (rightly) want to check out the Stronghold. The great Chiricahua Apache Chief Cochise and his men, including his successor Geronimo, would seek refuge in these mazes of rock, eluding the United States Military for the nearly 20 years that the Apache guerrilla wars were fought, roughly 1865-1885. Cochise himself, who died in 1874, is said to be buried in the Stronghold. His burial place has never been found and probably never will be.

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Mount Glenn

Mount Glenn

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“…I’ve marked our sacred place not with stones – I’ve put it my art to keep it safe…” – John Geddes

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