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“There is an ancient faithfulness in Nature.  Mountains, fields and shorelines are still to be found in the same places after thousands of years. Landscape is alive in such a dignified and reserved way.  It can keep its memories and dreams to itself. Landscape lives the contemplative life of silence, solitude and stillness.  It carries and holds its depths of darkness and lonesomeness with such perfect equanimity.  It never falls out of its native rhythm……Seasons build and emerge with such sure completion and give way.  Yet Nature never loses its sense of sequence.” – John O’Donahue


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Chinle Wash

Chinle Wash

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“Our desire to know is the deepest longing if the soul…..Even though your body is always bound to one place, your mind is a relentless voyager.  The mind has a magnificent, creative restlessness that always brings it on a new journey. ….There is something within you that is not content to remain fixed within any one frame…..You love to reach beyond, to discover something new.” – Jogn O’Donahue

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