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“Few begin with anything like a clear view of what they want to do, and the fortune they seek may come in a very different form from that which they have kept in view.” – The Independent, August, 1898.

* * *

Sand Canyon north rim

Sand Canyon north rim

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“Take a look at the most focused and purposeful people we know, and we’ll find one common trait. Although mot worked toward some goal, they all simply began without knowing what would happen……Alexander Graham Bell was fascinated with recording and projecting human voices, not creating a worldwide communications network.” – Amy Dean

* * *

Road 4723

Road 4723

* * *

“What those people share is the fact that they started.  They didn’t just sit back and dream.  They chose an objective and had faith to begin and follow through, despite repeated failures and years of work.  We can dream and fantasize to our hearts content.  But we will never realize our aspirations until we take that first step.” – Amy Dean

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