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“We’re built of contradictions, all of us. It’s those opposing forces that give us strength, like an arch, each block pressing the next. Give me a man whose parts are all aligned in agreement and I’ll show you madness. We walk a narrow path, insanity to each side. A man without contradictions to balance him will soon veer off.” – Mark Lawrence


* * *

Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch

* * *

“Someone once told me that life wasn’t fair…and they were right. But I don’t think that life was ever meant to be fair or perfect. It’s not the tragedy, it’s how we deal with it. It’s whether we come out stronger because of it. It’s not about blocking out the pain or hiding from it, it’s about letting the pain shape you into someone better than you were before.” – Nicole Garber

* * *

Paria Canyon Wilderness

Paria Canyon Wilderness

* * *

Strength where your eyes look to within,
is what your heart will believe.” – Anthony Liccione

* * *



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