About SouthwestDesertLover

I am a published writer, consultant and taking a long break from working towards getting my PhD in instructional design for online learning for older adults.

Among my passions including nature, the wilderness, antiques, vintage, old trains and planes (I soloed in a 1946 Aeronca Champ) and books, I shared my life with a loving, funny Boxer dog who made me laugh multiple times a day. Wyatt passed away June 30, 2016 after we shared 10.5 years together. I miss him very much.

I can’t remember when I wasn’t on a scavenger hunt for beloved found objects: in nature as well as at artist fairs, arts and crafts shows, National Parks, back country rural roads and art galleries. I feel truly awed by creative expression of the soul through all kinds of artwork.


Karen On the Beach


§ 11 Responses to About SouthwestDesertLover

  • MP Wiltshire says:

    I love your subtitle (getting my body to where my soul already is). Totally says it for me about the Colorado Plateau.

  • dianne - life as i see it says:

    beautiful images πŸ™‚

  • John Voehringer says:

    Beautiful images, touches the soul.

  • Gillian Booth says:

    Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. This is gourmet heart and spirit feasting.

  • terraburrah says:

    Your site is so beautiful, my husband is on the desktop computer, and I am on my cell phone – both looking at it at the same time.

    Our souls are in New Mexico, but our bodies linger on the East Coast, and try to keep breathing in between expensive plane tickets to the land we love, and belong in.

    Thank you for your site (sight).

  • David Crews says:

    I just wanted to give a word of encouragement and say how much I look forward to reading your posts each weekend when I get the weekly delivery. I don’t often comment, but I read each one and take in the images. Your consistent vision and quality of thoughts, places, insights, and moods are a delight and are appreciated. Your feel for the landscapes of the West and our human place within it resonate with me a great deal. Thanks and I hope you continue to share.

  • nealkcarter@hotmail.com says:

    The photos on here are incredible! And such a multitude! As a desert Southwesterner myself, exiled at the moment in London, I derive great pleasure checking in here to browse the photographs and reconnect with that calm found only in the inner soul and in the southwestern deserts… Thank you.

  • I have walked a lot of miles in my life, between the military and my current career, and I am looking forward to walking more in the area of the Southwest. Your pictures are very inspiring. Keep up it up.

  • xenalunastitch says:

    Southwest Desert Lover ~ I don’t recall when I first began following your posts. They have always been a lovely balm when they hit my inbox. Lately, they have felt much more personal, reflective of the difficult path I have found myself on in recent years. After your post this evening, I’m feeling compelled to reach out, and to thank you, and to wish you peace, and strength, and serenity.

  • Matthew Cochran says:

    Dear Southwest Desert Lover. Awesome site. All the Images and quotes. Thanks for this! and for being a witness to the mystery of geology and that vast spirits that weave the earth πŸ™‚

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